Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Carson Minecraft Birthday Party

On Saturday, December 2nd we celebrate Carson's 8th birthday with a friends party. He chose the theme Minecraft. It is a computer game that has become really popular over the past few years.

There were so many great ideas on the internet that it was easy to plan. We had 17 kids in attendance, not a record but still a good number.

We had treat bags decorated to resemble characters and items from the game. The party was held in the basement playroom area. To enter the kids had to go through a nether portal.

I made a Steve cardboard head for the kids to wear on a couple of games. They all had to try it on.

We had several popular games. I set up some targets for the kids to hit with nerf bullets.  Some of the boys wanted to be part of the target as well. I was impressed by their aim.

We had a craft where the kids got to design their own Minecraft character by gluing pixels (square pieces of construction paper) on a 8x8 grid. We also had a cakewalk to the tune of Minecraft parody songs. Every time I paused the music I would select one of the spots they had landed to be the winning spot. They would then earn a sticky mustache.

Our last two games were pinning the tail on the pig and a TNT pinata. The weather was so nice that the kids were outside without shoes and coats hitting the pinata. This is the second one I've made. This one was especially easy to make because of its shape.

Lastly was the cake. I couldn't find a place that would make a Minecraft cake for the price I was willing to pay, so I baked it myself and had Todd's help with the fondant. It was a chocolate cake with Nutella filling and chocolate frosting. It was designed to look like the cakes in the game.

It looked well and tasted amazing. It was really moist. We even had enough fondant left for our elf on the shelf Zig-Zag and his pal Cowie to make themselves a similar cake.