Thursday, November 23, 2017

Thanksgiving Day

This year I decided to set up Christmas the day before Thanksgiving since we were not celebrating the holiday at our house. I decorated the mantle and family room, while Todd and the kids took care of the tree in the evening.

I loved waking up on Thanksgiving morning with nothing to do except preparing the food we were taking to Todd's parent's house for the meal.

We took advantage of having our Christmas tree decorated and decided to take our annual family photos.

I was the one with the remote, clicking on the picture. I was so focused on smiling while pressing the button that I missed the comment about making silly faces. The rest of the gang did a great job!

I've learned over the years that your best pictures are usually taken in the first few minutes of a photo shoot. So it was this year.

After pictures we headed over to Vernon and Vicky's for dinner and helped them decorate their Christmas tree - another of our Christmas traditions. The kids love getting out grandma's ornaments and hanging them on her tree. They especially love hiding the green pickles and challenging the cousins to find them.
The weather on Thanksgiving was sunny and warm for this time of year. The kids spent as much time outside running around as they did inside the house.