Monday, October 30, 2017

Witches at Gardener Village

October 30th was an early day out at school for the kids and a professional development day for staff. Sally and decided to take the kids to see the witches at Gardener's Village. I love the place! They have 6 ft tall witches on display throughout the outdoor shopping center. They are each unique and most of them are humorous.

The kids are encouraged to search for various witches and log their findings on a tracking sheet. Once they have found them all they can show their completed forms in exchange for a free cookie.

I tried my hardest to get Andrew to pose next to one of the witches for a picture but he was terrified of them and would cry every time we spotted one. They are everywhere, and the older kids were racing to find them so needless to say, Andrew was crying in fear most of the time. It was rather comical attempting to wander around Gardener's Village so he would not see them as we walked around.