Saturday, October 21, 2017

Oquirrh Mountain Temple Sealing

What an amazing week it has been! After loving every minute of our trip to Paris we had the incredible blessing of being able to be sealed to Andrew in the South Jordan Oquirrh Mountain LDS Temple on Saturday, October 21, 2017.

Since the day we contacted our attorney to pursue Andrew's adoption, I have visualized our family dressed in white standing outside the doors of the temple. I was picturing spring blossoms instead of fall foliage, but the extra wait did not diminish the beauty of the experience.

During our visit to the Paris temple, we were able to show the kids how a sealing room looks and explain to them that they would be able to sit in the room and witness mom and dad make a covenant with Heavenly Father that would link Andrew to our family eternally just like they are linked to us and each other.

During my time in the temple, I was treated much like brides are treated. I had an escort, and I was able to get ready in the bridal room. Todd and I also had the opportunity to speak with President and Sister Asay, President and Matron of the temple. They spent a few minutes congratulating us on this joyous day.

Vicky accompanied us and the children to the youth center/nursery inside the temple where the kids played and changed out of their street clothes into white temple clothes, provided by the temple, for the ceremony.

We left the kids with Vicky so we could meet with the temple recorder to provide proof of adoption and verify our contact information.

Lastly, we changed into our temple clothes and traveled to the third floor to sealing room 4 to perform the sacred ordinance.

We entered the room where family and friend were already seated. Shortly thereafter the kids entered the room as well. It was so touching to see them all dressed in white. It reminded me of how innocent they are and I imagine that is how Heavenly Father sees them: pure, sweet, joyful.

Prior to the sealing, Brother Ronald N. Henline, the temple sealer who would perform the ordinance counseled those in attendance about the special blessing children sealed to their parents receive:

"The sacred temple sealing ordinance promises children, born in the covenant or sealed to their parents, special blessings in this life and throughout the eternities. President Joseph Fielding Smith said those children "have claims upon the blessings of the gospel beyond what those not so born are entitled to receive. They may receive a greater guidance, a greater protection, a greater inspiration from the Spirit of the Lord; and then there is no power that can take them away from their parents" ("Why Adoption?" Ensign, January 2008).

An ordinance is a sacred, formal act performed by the authority of the priesthood. Our witnesses were Vernon Humphries and Brandon Humphries (Todd's dad and brother). The ordinance itself is no longer than a minute long, but its effects are eternal.

Andrew did all right. He wasn't so keen on standing still for any amount of time. I noticed Bro. Henline picked up speed as he performed the ordinance to account for Andrew's eagerness to do something else.

After it was completed, Bro. Henline reminded us that the temple is a sacred place, not a reception hall and we should save our conversation and celebratory cheers for outside its doors. He concluded, however, by saying that
there is no sweeter sound than the sound of 
a child inside of the temple

I couldn't have agreed more with him.

We were able to hug the guests who attended and then met them outside for photos. Our friend, Jordan Whitney offered to take our pictures. He did an amazing job - as usual!

In attendance were:
Vernon & Vicky Humphries, Kevin & Kieran Humphries, Brandon & Andrea Humphries, Shiree and Breanne Humphries, Jordan & Claudia Whitney, Shalene and Aaron Pacini, Ashley Funk, Nicole and Jimmy Eason (who left before the group picture was taken).