Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Labor Day Hike: Adam's Falls

For Labor Day we chose to go north, instead of our customary South for our hike. We traveled to Layton to hike Adam's Falls.

The information I had read described the hike as 3.8 miles with moderately difficult switchbacks at the beginning, easing the rest of the way. The view after the switchback was fantastic!

Whoever wrote that description was very innacurate. The switchbacks were there, and it did get easier for a time but the last portion of the hike required us to climb a strenuous incline of loose shale. The entire hike was actually 5.2 miles.

The kids, who were good-spirited for the first part of the hike, became tired half way up the trail. We had to coax them to keep going.

About 20 minutes from the falls, Sally offered to stay back with those who did not want to keep going. She also graciously agreed to keep Andrew. Between Andrew's weight and the pack, Todd was carrying over 45lbs on his back.

Carson, Stella, Todd and I made it to the falls. I am glad I completed it, but I didn't think they were the best I've seen around - not really worth all the effort.