Thursday, August 31, 2017

First Day of School

And just like that Summer 2017 is over and school has begun!

Although the kids are still enrolled at the same school, this year we are attending an new campus, closer to home.  It has 1500 K-6 students. There are six fifth grade classes, and similar numbers for the other grades. Its size is a bit intimidating, in that it's hard to get to know people at the school when there are so many kids.

Emilia had a difficult time transitioning during its first few days. She missed her friends and her familiar campus, but after we had a good chat, she decided to give Draper 2 a try and has not voiced a concern since.

Carson comes home with phone numbers for new friends every week. We have discovered one of his classmates and friends lives a few blocks away from our house. It is on the same street as our church building. Carson has been walking home from church a lot recently and knows that  route well. He is excited to have someone so close with whom to play.

This is Stella's first year of Kindergarten. She is super excited to attend.  Her class is rather small. There are only 18 students enrolled.  I found out one of her preschool friends from last year is in her class.

Andrew is an aspiring student as well, and wanted his picture taken also. It won't be long before he is attending school.