Saturday, August 5, 2017

Scout Falls Hike

On Saturday morning we took the kids hiking for the first time this summer. I can't believe I waited this long to do it!

We were supposed to meet our friends the Easons in American Fork Canyon to hike Scout Falls together, but we weren't able to connect in the canyon. Unfortunately, we did not have signal there and after waiting 40 minutes we decided to hike up on our own.

We had done this same hike two years ago while camping just down the road. What a difference two years makes. With Andrew in the hiking pack, the kids were able to make the hike up in 45 minutes and literally ran down coming back.

There were still many beautiful flowers in bloom along the trail. The hike required us to cross several streams and walk along some muddy areas.

Probably the most challenging part was balancing Andrew as I climbed up and down the tree roots that cross the path to the waterfall. Once to the waterfall, I hiked as far as I felt safe. There is a second waterfall just a little further up, but the path is wet and slick. I didn't want to risk it. Todd and the kids went to it and turned back around in a matter of minutes.

The bike Tour of Utah was underway in the canyon on the same day and the roads were going to be closed from 1-4pm, so we booked it down the canyon to make sure we weren't going to be trapped in it for hours. We got to our car at 12:30pm and passed the entrance booth on our way out right at 1pm. We couldn't have been any closer.

Once out of the canyon, I was able to get reception and saw several texts from the Easons saying they had missed their exit and fearing they would be stuck in the canyon decided to hike a different trail instead.

I am sorry we missed them!