Sunday, August 6, 2017

Andrew is 2 years old!

On Sunday, we celebrate Andrew's second birthday and Avery's 12th birthday with the Humphries at our home. There is such a difference in age and gender that is difficult to find a theme that would appeal to the both of them.

Kieran, Avery's mom, sent me a picture of the cake she would be making and I went from there. I made a banner for the fireplace mantle that reads "Happy birthday wild one" and decorated the food table with that theme in mind.

There was not a lot online that I could use, so I ended up creating the graphics for the party. Kieran did a fabulous job turning regular plastic animals into some very eccentric characters.

Andrew, of course, loved the cow. He loves looking for them in the field at the end of our road and shouting "mooooo."

He received a lot of clothes, several books and a 4-in-1 travel system that converts from a stroller into a tricycle.

He would not get off his new ride, so he ended up blowing his birthday candle sitting on his radio flyer scooter.

Birthday 'interview' questions:

Favorite toy? Tractor with animals and sounds
Favorite fruit? All of them. He even loves tomatoes (that's a fruit, right?)
Favorite TV show? He doesn't watch TV yet
Favorite thing to eat for lunch? Anything Romy is eating
Favorite game? Pat a cake and Ring-round the Rosie
Favorite snack? Anything sweet
Favorite animal? Horse, followed by cows and dogs
Favorite song? Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Favorite book? Any book he can get a hold of
Who is your best friend? Stella
Favorite thing to do outside? Swing, and since my birthday, ride my new tricycle
Favorite drink? Apple juice
Who do you like to take to be with you at night? A bottle, but also a blanket for comfort