Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Bryce Canyon National Park: Day 3

Night number 2 was relatively better than number 1. Andrew still awoke at 12:30 and kept us up for at least an hour and a half, but after he fell asleep in his crib, he stayed asleep until 7:40 am. I think by this point Todd and I were both cold, really tired and grateful to go home.

Sunday, was Andrew's actual birthday so we placed two candles in the banana bread loaf and sang happy birthday to him. He is too young to understand what was happening, but loved the special attention he received form the kids through out the day.

After breakfast, we packed up our wet tents, and all of our other damp belonging into our respective vehicles and were ready to leave by 11 am.

Fortunately the day was sunny and warmer than it had been so clean up was not too miserable.

We drove to Rainbow Pointe, the southern most point of the park where we had lunch and attended a ranger presentation. The kids got down and finished up their requirements to earn their Jr Ranger badges.

We decided to walk the one mile Bristle Cone Loop trail. The views were fantastic, but Zoey was tired and uncomfortable and Zaylee who had taken Dramamine to avoid getting sick on the car ride could barely keep her eyes open, so Jordan and Claudia had to carry them for the last 1/2 mile. By this point, the whole thing was just sadly comical. What a trip!

Upon completing our walk, we drove to the visitor center for the kids to be sworn in as Jr rangers. Along the way, we stopped at a couple of lookouts and from there we were more than ready to go home.