Friday, August 18, 2017

Atlanta Vacation Day 1

Today was an exciting day for the kids. This morning they got to meet their new teachers for the school year.

I really like the ladies each of them has and can’t wait for them to get started after we return from our vacation to Atlanta.

After a hectic morning wrapping up the last of the things we had to do prior to departing, we drove to Vicky’s who gave us a ride to the airport.

The kids were super excited to catch a flight. It’s been a year since their last flight and it is always exciting.

Things at the airport went smoother than I expected. We chose to flight on a budget airline, and I feared their nickel and dime no frills approach was going to affect their customer service. I was pleasantly surprised.  We were all seated next to each other at no additional charge and they were friendly with the kids.

Andrew was not very good on the flight. He was so tired that he threw a full blown tantrum. Other passengers were trying to appease him with snacks and by talking to him, but he would have nothing to do with them. Eventually, after much struggle he finally gave up and fell asleep for an hour. The quiet time was pure bliss.

The flight lasted 3 hours and we departed and landed ahead of schedule which was a good thing. The Atlanta airport is very large. We had to walk a long way in our terminal to catch a tram that took us to the baggage claim area.

Once we collected our luggage, we had to take another outdoor tram to the car rental center. The kids love the tram rides. The first felt like riding the underground metro. For the second ride, we were at the very front of the train, looking forward through a large glass window. The kids felt like they were riding a rollercoaster. They thought it was the best part of the trip.

Our rental car is a Chrysler minivan. They love the sliding doors, and being able to close them with the push of a button. Now they want our next car to be a minivan.

Our rental home is 35 minutes from the airport and less than a mile from my brother’s house. By the time we arrived, it was close to 10 pm local time.

The kids went from room to room exploring and claiming their bedrooms. The house is a 1970 split level, completely renovated. The furniture pieces are either new or 1070’s pieces with an eclectic selection of art on the walls.

The kids loved their room and now wish we lived here instead of Utah. I am so ready to declutter their room from toys once they start school. Then their room will look as clean and spacious as the ones they have now.

After a quick tour, the kids all went to sleep in order to get ready for the next day.