Sunday, July 16, 2017

Mount Rushmore - Sunday, July 16

When we originally made our reservation, there were only cabins that slept 5 people available for us to rent. Eventually, 6 person cabins became available but only after our first day. So, on Sunday we had to pack our belonging back up by 11 am and wait until 3 pm to check into our new cabins.

Our morning was spent getting our cabin ready and the family ready for church. We attended the Mt. Rushmore ward at 11 am. Our family doubled the size of Sr primary and added quite a few people to the other organizations.

After the block, we changed in the restrooms and headed to Rapid City, to have lunch and visit Storybook Island Park.

It was a really hot afternoon, but the kids enjoyed exploring the different areas of the park. Andrew loved the slide and kept going down it.

Once we passed the gates the kids all broke up into different groups and began exploring. We stayed with Andrew and Stella so most of our pictures were of them, although we were able to reconnect as we crossed paths.

The three little piggies display was fun for the kids. They had three homes, each made of different materials. The brick home had an actual chimney with the big bad wolf standing on the top looking down into it.