Monday, May 29, 2017

Memorial Day at This is the place heritage park

We love This Is The Place Heritage Park! It is educational, it is hands on, it is fun for the kids, it is reasonably priced,  and it is never crowded.

We began our visit by riding the train to the gold mining and native american area of the park. The kids love panning for gold and the Native American section was finished after our last visit so it was new for us to explore.

The kids found quite a bit of gold nuggets to trade at Zion's Bank for 'money'.

The Splash pad was another popular spot with the kids. The weather was still a bit cool but that didn't stop them from playing in the water. Especially Andrew who loved getting sprayed. He is not afraid of anything.

The entrance fee to the park includes three activities. The kids chose to ride a train around a pond and to ride ponies.

Stella was really concentrating on riding on her horse during this picture so no smiles from her.
Next to the ponies is an open area with goats, sheep and chickens. Andrew, who absolutely loves dogs, thought this was the best place ever.

He went from animal to animal and pet all of them. He was fascinated by the goat's eyes which seem to bulge out compare to those of dogs. He kept trying to poke their eyes. It was hard to pry him from the area.

After spending most of a day with the kids at the park we headed home and then to dinner at the Pacini's house for some brick oven baked pizza and great company.