Thursday, January 26, 2017

The new wall

For the past four years our back yard has looked like this. A chain link fence looking into a field. The area behind our house is the unused part of South Jordan Cemetery. Every so often the caretaker would come through with a backhoe and clear out the weeds, which in turn covered up all of the gofer holes. Inevitably the creatures would dig up tunnels and create mounds in my back yard.

Last year we got notice from the city that they would be expanding the cemetery and sod will be placed in the area behind our house. We are excited about the news, because that means the city will have to take care of the gofer problem in order to maintain their lawn.

They also informed us that they would be replacing our chain linked fence. We were given several options and the majority of the residents voted for a 6 ft wall fence that would provide us and those mourning their loved ones with privacy.

It was originally supposed to have gone up in the fall, but with anything government related deadlines tend to get pushed back so on January 19th we finally got our wall.

It has been quite an adjustment to seem so enclosed. Our yard seems smaller now and the grey color is not very appealing - it makes we feel like I am in a prison.

The city will be coming through and painting the walls beige to resemble stone, which will help the final result, but who knows when that will be?