Friday, October 14, 2016

Emilia's virtues

Every year the parents of 4th grade students get invited to present their child's virtues to the class. Today I went into Emilia's class to share with them the virtues I see in her. 

Stella, Emilia and I worked on a poster to share with the class.  For her last virtue, generosity, she shared with the class one of her favorite candies "smarties'.

As I spoke about her in class, and answered questions from her class mates, it really struck me how blessed my kids are. They have had some many opportunities to learn and experience new things.  

I hope they will retain some of those memories.

Emilia’s  virtues:

Compassion/Kind – Emilia is kid towards others. This summer, our family went on a 4 mile hike with friends. On our way down the mountain one of Emilia’s friend twisted her ankle. Emilia let her friend use her hiking stick the whole way down so that her friend could relieve the weight off her injured foot.
Responsible – I can always trust that Emilia will do what she says she will do. I can count on her completing her chores at home and doing her homework.
Respect – Emilia respects the rules at school and at home. She is a good example to the rest of the family. Our back yard looks out to a cemetery. Every Memorial Day we visit the cemetery and honor the fallen soldiers from our community.

Enthusiasm/Optimist - Emilia sees the good in everything and everyone. She is always excited to try new things.
Caring – Emilia is very affectionate and caring towards her 1 year old baby brother Andrew.
Love – Emilia loves her immediate and extended family and her friends. She also loves music and knows the words to almost any popular song on the radio. You’ll have to quiz her on that to see if you can stomp her.

Active - Two of her favorite pass times are hiking and geo-cashing.
Creativity – Emilia loves to learn and make all kids of crafts. She has made a lot of fun things with perler beads, yarn and many other materials. She keeps a stash of craft supplies in her room, just in case she needs them for her next project.
Humor – Emilia is a lot fun to be around. She is always smiling and has an easy laugh. Last Christmas she got some laugh out loud jokes for kid books and memorized many. One of her favorite jokes goes like this:  Knock-knock; Who’s there?; Shell-fish: shell-fish who?; Don’t be shell-fish, let me in!
Patient – As the oldest of four siblings Emilia has developed a lot of patience. She has to be patient with her mom and dad, whenever we are helping the rest of the family. She’s also learned to be patient with her younger siblings, who love to get into her room and play with all of her stuffed animals.

Friendliness – Emilia has never met a stranger. Everyone she meets is a friend, and she has many. She met her oldest friends when she was only a few months old, and although both our families have moved over the years, she still keeps in touch and gets together whenever possible. Her happy, fun and kind personality make others want to be around her.
Forgiving – Along with patience, being an older sisters has also taught Emilia to be forgiving. She rarely becomes upset or offended with her siblings. In fact, she’s the one who knows how to get her younger siblings to get along, but on the very few occasions her feelings get hurt, she doesn’t hold a grudge for long.
Generous – Emilia knows that it’s more fun to do things with others, so she is always willing to share with those around her. Whether it is sharing a laugh or sharing her toys. Today she is sharing one of her favorite candies with you.