Friday, October 14, 2016

Andrew Walking

Little Andrew began taking steps on September 23rd, 2016. His first steps were towards Todd who'd just walked in through the door from work.

We tried for days to video record his walks, but the second the cell phones came up he plopped on the ground and crawled towards us.

Finally, on Saturday October 1st, Andrew and Todd were hanging out together for the Priesthood session of General Conference, when Andrew decided to walk across the room. Todd was able to get a video of him.

Everyday he crawls a little less and walks a bit more, which is a good thing because at almost 30 lbs it is getting harder and harder to carry him.

He is used to walking at home without shoes, so he has a bit more difficulty balancing himself with shoes on, but I'm sure he'll catch on.

Walking makes him into a toddler in my eyes. Wow, how fast time flies!