Sunday, June 26, 2016

Donut Falls Hike

On June 15 I took to the trails once again with the kids - this time, to hike up to Donut Falls.  This is a easy, 3.7 miles round trip hike in Big Cottonwood Canyon.

We had three other moms and their kids join us. My kids really enjoyed hiking with their cousins.

The weather was perfect and Andrew did great in his new pack. I was carrying him (25 lbs) plus the pack (7 lbs) on my shoulders. By the time I removed all of the weight off of my shoulders, I felt I could almost fly. 

We encountered a lot of really large chipmunks on the trail. They were not afraid of hikers at all. In fact, we had to keep looking at where we were going, because they would zip across and around us, without hesitation. 

One of Emilia's summer school assignments is to collect rocks and document their type, appearance and location where they were found. She found a lot! Her pocket on the front of her sweater was bulging by the end of the hike.