Monday, January 4, 2016

Family History Cards

For Christmas this year we gave Todd's family a set of family history cards and games. It includes Todd's parents and goes back three additional generations. Here is an example of the front and back of one.

We had a similar set of cards done for the Loveland side of the family but not for the Humphries. My first iteration only includes some basic facts about each individual. Now that the templates have been laid out, I think I am going to try to gather more information about each ancestor and create a new set of larger cards with facts about their lives, hobbies, ocupation, etc.

The cards can be used to play several games. I included instructions for each of the games with the gifts.

I really enjoyed getting glimpses into the lives of these individuals by reading about them on Family Search.



2 players
·        Deal all of the card face down to the 2 players.  Without looking at the cards, players put their cards face down in front themselves.
·        Each player turns up the top card at the same time.  The player who wins the hand takes his card and his opponents card and places them in his save pile.

The women take the men
The immediate family (Vernon & Vicky Humphries) take the women
The family tree cards take all

·        When both cards that are turned up are of the same value, then each player turns over another card.  The winner will then take all cards in the piles.
·        The winner of this game will be the one who has the most cards in his save pile when all the cards from the players’ hands have been used.


·        Each player gets a game board and a stack of markers. 
·        A “caller” will draw a card which features a family member.  He will call out the name which appears on the card.
·        Players will locate that name on their card and put a penny on the square to indicate they have it.  Not all cards drawn will appear on all cards.
·        As soon as a player has 5 pennies in a row either vertically, horizontally or diagonally, he calls out BINGO and after checking his game board for accuracy, he is declared the winner.


In this game, members of family groups are combined to form a set.  The first person to get all the members of a certain family set is declared the winner.  There are 4 family sets as follows:
·        Willard Giles Humphries, his parents and grandparents-Blue
·        Emmarene Staheli, her parents and grandparents- Green
·        Oren Joel Loveland, his parents and grandparents-Red
·        Letha June Bayly, her parents and grandparents--Yellow

The deck of cards is shuffled and dealt to the players. Each player has a copy of the Family Fan Chart for reference.

The player to the left of the dealer begins by asking any single other player if they have a card from a certain family set (example:  Do you have any cards from Emmarene Staheli’s family—the green set?)  If they have any cards from that set they must give them to the player who requested them.  The player’s turn is now over and the next player, continuing in clockwise order will have his turn.  When a player has all 6 cards from that set, he may lay them down.  The Immediate Family Cards (Vernon and Vicky Humphries) are considered wild cards.  Play continues until all sets have been laid down.  The player with the most sets wins.
Advanced play:
Players must ask for family members one at a time and by name.


There are two sets of identical cards in your deck. Shuffle the cards. Lay out the cards face down in rows forming a large rectangle.  The first player chooses a card and carefully turns it over.  The player then selects another card and turns it over. If the cards are a matching pair, the player takes the two cards. The player is then awarded another turn.
If the cards are not a match they are turned back over and it is now the next players turn.

Advance play:

Players must match spouse