Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Queen's Bath and Secret Beach

I have such fond memories of the north shore. We wanted to check out some beaches we enjoyed while living there. Queen's bath was a fun quick hike. We didn't get in the water pools, they were just too crowded with interesting people, but had fun spotting sea turtles in the water.

To reach Queen's bath you park your car in a residential area and proceed down a  trail to the beach. Along the way we encountered a little lizard. Being so closed to all this overgrown vegetation I'm always paranoid about what types of insects and animals may be lurking nearby. Luckily for me Hawaii does not have any snakes. In fact, except for the small lizard, and chickens (which are everywhere) we didn't encounter any other types of animals during our hikes.

After our stop at Queen's bath we spent the rest of our afternoon at Secret Beach. Not a very secret spot as you can see it all of it from the Kilauea Lighthouse.

It used to be a nude beach but there have been many homes mansions developed along the beach and their owners do not care for that kind of scenery. We went with the expectation that it had tamed down a lot. It had. There were a lot of couples and families there sun tanning and surfers getting in the water. I guess that doesn't detract the die hard nudist from going to the beach.

A ladies in her 50's decided to strip naked  a few yards from us. I was reading a novel and when I look up I see her walking past me in her full glory. The worse part is that she is in no hurry to walk past us and find a spot to lay down. She is collecting shells. She has a backpack on (the only thing she was wearing) and she kept bending down and picking up shells right where we were by.

I was so glad for my novel to distract me from the sight. Every once in a while I would look up and see if she was gone. Finally after reading an entire chapter, she was no longer in my line of view whenever I looked out into the water.

Every time a family passed us headed her direction I would chuckle and thing "They're in for quite a surprise!" Poor Todd, who was appalled at the sight, decided it would be a great time to take a nap.

After about an hour the same lady came back to where we were, put her clothes on and left the beach. That was the excitement for that day!