Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Kauai - Tunnels Beach

Tunnels Beach is probably the most beautiful beach of Kauai in my opinion. I think part of its beauty comes from the fact that there are usually not a lot of people there. Although it is a large public beach, the closest parking only holds a dozen vehicles and it's hard to find. There is a larger parking lot and park a ways down the road but it is a chore to hike from there to Tunnels with all of your beach gear.

While we were walking I spotted a ghost crab. Its shell is transparent so they are not easily spotted unless they are moving.  All along the beach where mounds of sands from where the crabs had dug their holes.

They say Tunnels had some of the best snorkeling in the island. We saw several fish swimming around us as we walked into the water. The beach has a reef a ways out that breaks the big waves before they reach the shore so the water was calm and shallow for a long way in certain spots.

I remember visiting Tunnels in October and experiencing a completely different beach. The waves were so high, all the way to shore that I did not dare hike down the few feet from the parking lot into the beach. It is amazing what a difference there can be depending on the time of the year.

Carson has been praying for a chance to go on a Submarine for months so when I saw this replica submarine I had to snap one for him.