Sunday, January 4, 2015


 This Christmas the whole family received snow pants as one of their gifts. It was a great idea ;) After an exceptionally warm months the snow decided to surprise us on Christmas morning. Stella was as excited about looking out the window, than she was about opening presents.

Finally, by January 30th we felt there was enough of it on the ground to go sledding. We invited some friends, who happened to already be planning to go, and headed to a hill in Riverton. In Utah is common to see water retention pond, usually in conjunction with a park or as green, sunken field near a residential area. The idea is to channel storm water runoff that cannot permeate streets, driveways, roofs and other impermeable surfaces.

This particular water retention pond is quite large and the slope gradually becomes more steep the further you drive into the park.

There were quite a few people there. A young group with California plates pulled in after we did. They sled was a twin inflatable mattress, which worked surprisingly well for a few runs until it started loosing air.

Stella was a rock star! She literally went down hill twice as often as everyone else. She would ride with someone or by herself, sitting down or on her stomach head first. She was smaller than the sled so she barely held on and couldn't reach over the sled to slow herself down, so she went full speed each time. I have to admit, I was apprehensive about it, but I can't protect her from everything and I didn't want to scare her off. The only problem was the snow that sprayed her face.  I told her we should get her some goggles for the next time we go sledding. Apparently she liked that idea a lot. Once we got home, Stella refused to removed any of her gear and headed straight to where we keep our swimming stuff. She found Carson's swim goggles, put them on and told me she was ready to go out again.

Carson discover the best way to go sledding was behind and adult. It's not scary and there is no snow on your face. After that he was gamed and went down quite a few times.

Emilia decided she didn't need a sled at all. She just slid, rolled down hill on her stomach. It was a lot less scary and just as fun for her.

In the process we broke both of our cheap plastic sleds. Seeing how fun the kids thought the activity was, I think we are going to invest in something a little more durable.