Sunday, November 23, 2014

Alpine Loop Family Photos

In October we decided it was time to update our family photos once again. It's difficult to stay current with little ones. They change so fast! 

We drove along the Alpine Loop hoping to snap some photos with a variety of fall colors. The scenery was absolutely gorgeous! But, the spot we settle on was the trail that goes past Bridal Veil Falls in Utah County.

There were a lot of people at the falls but almost no one ventured past the falls towards where we were standing so we had the area all to ourselves.
Can you believe Todd was our photographer for most of these pictures? I took a few too, but he was the one to get the camera settings all in the right order. We've owned our SLR for five years and the only way I still know how to use it is on full automatic mode :)
My favorite photo is the one where the whole family is standing with arms crossed. I was standing there waiting while Todd centered the camera's height based on where I stood. Stella saw daddy taking pictures so, she mimicked my pose - arms crossed, bored expression. Todd noticed her and snapped a couple of us. The kids caught onto what was happening and they decided they too wanted to join in the photo shoot. By that point they were tired of pictures, so the pose accurately reflects their attitude at that time, 'We're on strike! No more pictures!!'    

Afterwards, we stopped to admired the falls. I've always just driven past them and glanced at them through the car window. It was fun to see them up close. There is a koi pond at the bottom of the falls. The fish are huge and will eat right out of your hand.

It was a fun excursion, we'll have to do again next the summer.