Sunday, August 17, 2014

Lodgepole Family Camp - Strawberry Reservoir

On our last full day at camp we decided to visit Strawberry Reservoir, which is approximately a 15 minute drive from where we were staying. We were looking for the shore trail we could walk with the kids. We ask the gift shop attendant at the marina about one but she didn't know of one. Instead we decided to walk down the dock to one of the boat piers and let the kids skip rocks. They were probably more happy doing so than they would have been hiking.

Strawberry Reservoir is a fishing lake. On our way back from the gift shop the kids got to see some fisherman gut their fish before storing them in their cooler. Once on the shore Emilia took off with her two older girl cousins to explore. The three of them have been quite inseparable this trip. It's so nice when they all get along so well.

Stella had fun handing me rock to throw in the water and tossing a few hand fulls herself. From the boat dock the kids spied some crawfish in the water. Carson's two older cousins decided to catch them with some tall grass. One of the crawfish was not very smart. They were able to catch the same one three times!