Sunday, August 3, 2014

Battle Creek Falls, Pleasant Grove UT

We've been hiking quite a bit with the kids this Summer. I think we are making up for the years we lived in Texas, where there just wasn't anywhere to hike.

Two weeks ago we hiked Battle Creek Falls in Pleasant Grove, UT. The 1.5 mile roundtrip hike was perfect for our kids. Not too steep, not too long. Stella had to be carried for part of it. We just didn't want to keep her pace.

Carson is quite the hiker. He was ahead of us for most of the walk, exploring and commenting on what he observed. Emilia was on the hunt for the perfect rock to add to her rock collection. Stella enjoyed picking up rocks and dropping them.

 The hike is popular with those who enjoy rappelling. They hike above the waterfall and rappel down to the bottom. We cross a few carrying their gear up as we were headed down. The hike was rather crowded on a Saturday morning, primarily families with little kids and their pets. But enjoyable nonetheless.