Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Emilia's birthday

Our entire family shares a birthday with someone in Todd's family. Emilia's birthday is a day apart from her Grandpa. This year we had a family, a school and a friends celebration.

We got together with Todd's side of the family for cake and an ice-cream bar and she took Hello Kitty cupcakes to school to have with her friends.

Over the weekend, she invited a few of her good friends to go to the Discovery Gateway children museum. I accidentally deleted the photos from my phone. Fortunately I had texted one of them to a friend, so I have one photo to remember it by.

We had eight kids total (including our own). I got good at doing head counts :) After the museum we walked to a frozen yogurt place nearby. We had to cross one street to get to it. Todd was leading the pack with Stella in one arm and a swarm of little ones behind him. I was bringing in the rear. From the back he looked like momma duck with a line of duckling marching behind him. It was priceless. That's the one picture I wish I would have kept.