Monday, September 24, 2012

Spot the difference

Today I finally had a few minutes to catch up on my blogging. I decided to look through some pictures of our family trip to the Outer Bank or OBX as the locals call them and remembered that I had taken several on my phone. 

When I looked at the  photos taken on the phone I discovered a photo I took of our storage unit that showed just how full our 10x30 space really was. What I didn't know then is how helpful the photo was going to be in ID all of the items stolen from the unit last week.

I sent it to Todd and we played a game of Spot the Difference over the phone. We had claimed most of the major items, but missed a few expensive things. Look over the picture and see if you can tell what all is missing.

We remembered the edger, mower and sewing machine. What we didn't remember was the leaf blower, the clear drawer container above the hutch and the brown box above the white Christmas tree box. The total claimed is aprox $850. We have another $900 to claim and I don't even have a clue as to what was in the clear drawer container.

I'm just so glad for the fact that I blog and that because of it I happened to snap the picture.