Wednesday, April 24, 2013

On Sunday I discovered a robin's nest on my front door wreath. I decided to remove it so that the bird wouldn't lay her eggs on it. On Monday, I was once again by the front door when she returned. She was not a happy bird when she noticed the nest missing. She chirped and chirped unhappily for at least a minute.

I figured she would go build a nest elsewhere but I guess she decided this was the most suitable location because this morning I noticed a little egg on the wreath. Now I feel really bad! This little creature is in a pretty precarious place. The egg is nestled in pretty well, but I can't imagine the mom finding room nearby for three more eggs.

I don't feel like I can open and close my front door safely. But it's my front door! I can't wait a month or longer to regain access through it. Will the mom abandon the baby birds if I move the wreath elsewhere?

I have to admit it makes for a perfect observation spot for us. We can watch everything from a distance inside the house through the glass. Today is Emilia's birthday. She was excited by her special surprise!