Monday, February 11, 2013

Stella is turning one

My beautiful baby girl is turning one year old this week. Where has the time gone? Yesterday we celebrated her birthday with family and friends. It was fun to get together with everyone.

It's incredible just how much she has grown. She still feels so small to me. She has such bright eyes that match her vibrant personality. She is a happy little girl who loves to laugh and play.

Whenever I leaver her in the playroom she goes straight for the cubby with her baby toy basket. She dumps the whole thing out and looks for her favorite toy, the microphone. She will talk into it and sing. When we turn on the music her little body begins to sway from side to side and bounce up and down. If she is sitting in her car seat, she'll indulge us all with her happy song.

Stella began crawling at 10 months and is getting faster and more daring everyday. Just last week she figured out how to climb up the stairs so Emilia, Todd and I have all been teaching her how to descend on her tummy. She hasn't tried to go down on her own yet, but I'm afraid it's just a matter of time.

She is not a very good napper.  If she is tired she will sleep without a problem, all I have to do is lay her down on her crib. If she's not tired there is not making her go down for a nap. Fortunately, she usually doesn't get cranky if she chooses to skip a nap. Yesterday was a perfect example of that. She napped for about 30 minutes in Todd's arms while at church. I tried to put her down before her birthday party and she would not have it. She stayed up way past her bed time while we visited with friends but only at the very end did she begin to wiggle out of our arms like she does whenever she is trying to get comfortable enough to fall asleep, and today she was her normal happy self.

Emilia was great help on Saturday in decorating for the party. She shared many things from her room and help make the tissue paper pom-poms that we hung from the ceiling.

Stella had a bunch of cousins and friends eager to blow out her birthday candle and help her open gifts. It took her a few minutes to get started on her cupcake. At first she waited for someone to feed it to her, but after a while she just decided to eat it herself.

Stella shares her birthday with her paternal grandmother so we celebrated grandma's birthday at the same time. Each member of our immediate family shares a birthday or is a day away from someone else in the Humphries' family. Emilia's birthday, for example, is a day after her paternal grandfather. Makes it really easy to remember family birthdays.