Friday, October 26, 2012

Theft Update

The other night I was watching an episode of Burn Notice, one of my favorite TV Shows, wishing I had access to the same technology they use to track down criminals.

About a month and a half ago I got a call from the storage facility manager where we keep our belongings while looking for a home and was told that our lock was missing. When I arrived we discovered someone had broken into the unit and stolen approx. $2,000 worth of items from us (for more details, just look back a few blog posts).

Three weeks after the theft I received an email from Jordan, the property manager, stating they had some footage they wanted to review with us. I was excited about the news! I had become pretty frustrated with them. They were very tight lipped about the whole thing and would not update us as to the status of their investigation. I was thinking they were just dragging their feet on paying out on the insurance policy we had taken out through them.

When we arrived, they showed us footage of a silver SUV entering and exiting the main facility gate. They typed a code to be able to enter but just rode behind another car when exiting. The image was very pixelated, so the license plate was not discernible but we were able to positively identify some of our belonging in their trunk. The morons had lowered the rear window of the SUV so that the video captured what they were carrying out. This is when I wish we were on TV and all we had to do is zoom in to capture the license plate number.

According to Jordan, the facility manager, every time a unit door is opened and closed a sensor is triggered, so they could tell exactly at what time someone opened and close our unit. The thieves were only there 10 minutes. Although there wasn't a camera in front of our door other cameras filmed the SUV traveling in the area near our storage unit during that time.

To enter the facility the thieves had to type a unique code, which gave away who they were, or at least a link to them.  

That was TWO WEEKS AGO. Once again the line of communication between us and the storage unit manager went dead. Finally on Wednesday I decided I had waited enough for something to happen and decided to call them.

This time Jordan was a lot more open. He told us that the police could not do anything about the theft unless we had actually caught the thief in the act of stealing. Even with all the circumstantial evidence pointing to someone, we had no actual proof they were the thieves! 

He confided he had a similar incident a couple of months prior and was certain that a family member of the victims had been the one to steal from them but because of lack of proof they had to reimburse them for their loss.

I can't believe he ever though we would be capable of such thing!

The good news is that since they weren't able to catch the thieves they have closed their investigation and agreed to compensate us for our losses.