Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The accident

I'm really trying to get caught up with the blog but every time I try, some other event comes up that deserves to be blogged about and I keep pushing the older, more time consuming posts to a later date.

Last night we went looking at homes again - hopefully for the last time. We have an offer on an awesome house but we are in a competitive bidding situation and we decided not to increase our offer price. We should know today whether we got it or not.

Our agent, Todd, Stella and I were are riding in our vehicle headed east (represented by the green surfing van) when a maroon Ford Explorer sneaked out in front of us to turn left and head west. The maroon SUV entered into the left hand lane at the same time as a sedan (also headed west) was changing into the same lane.

I looked up and saw the two cars collide, the sedan roll over and the Ford Explorer swerve to miss it. The driver of the SUV must have lost control of the car because next thing I now her vehicle is crossing over the median and headed directly towards us.

Todd swerved sharply to the right to avoid getting hit by her and the again sharply to the left to avoid going over the curb. The Ford Explorer missed it by one foot at the most. It was that close.

I'm grateful for Todd's dexterity at the wheel and for the Lord looking out for our family. No one at the scene was seriously injured. The girl driving the sedan was sitting up and talking coherently by the time we left.

When we got home Todd had to replicate the accident with toy cars to show his family what had happened. We're in the smiling green van, happy to be spared from this headache.