Sunday, May 13, 2012

FW Children's Museum

Last Monday I took the kids to the Fort Worth Children's Museum of Science. I love taking the kids there because there is always some new exhibit for them to see and cool things for them to experience.

This time they got to pet a 50 years old tortoise as well as a rat snake. Carson was uninhibited as always and touched it without a problem. Emilia hat to be talked into it. She even hesitated before petting the tortoise which was standing still as a statue the entire time.  They also had a tarantula and a lizard on display. We didn't touch those.

Carson and Emilia really enjoyed building their own flying objects out of paper cups and seeing how they did inside the wind turbine. They watched their cups raise up to the top and tried to catch them as they descended fast once the wind was gone.

As usual the toddler area was their favorite. They enjoyed plalying in the grocery store and the medical area. They put on their white coats and stetoscopes. Took care of their baby patients and got to drive the ambulance.

Carson is starting to get into dinosaurs. So he enjoyed the dinosaur dig and had fun pointing out all of the dinosaur statues through out the museum and outside.

That evening the kids went swimming at Liz's pool (next door neighbor) with Porter and Claire. We had a special family home evening lesson on Christ walking on water. Porter brought a boat and a toy character to narrate and demonstrate the story. The kids really enjoyed listening to him and sinking the boat afterwards. It was a busy but really fun day for our family.