Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Emilia is 5 years old

I can't believe that it has been five years since Emilia was born. It is incredible to realize how much can change in that amount of time. There are just not enough words in the world to describe my wonderful big girl. Emilia is a healthy, bright, polite, sweet, hard working, energetic older sister who loves her brother and new baby sister.  I love her for who she is. I especially love that she wants to be a mom when she grows up - she wants to be just like her mommy!

She loves to talk to grown ups about her ideas. I enjoy hearing her five year old prospective about things. The other day, after I got off the phone she asked me: "Mom, what is Jesus' phone number?" Today out of the blue she told me "Mom, I can't marry Kimball (one of her friends). We have to date first."  That got my attention really quick! my first instinctive response was"What?! Emilia, it's not  a good idea to date boys younger than you. They are usually more immature."  That probably made no sense to her. "Immature? what does that mean to a five year old?" Not potty trained? Someone who doesn't know how to share?

Because she is my oldest, I experience a lot of firsts with her. By the time Stella talks to me about boys, I'll be prepared!

Emilia still loves to dance. She has fun doing Zumba with me in the living room. She even has her favorite song "Waka Waka" by Shakira. She is getting pretty good at following the choreographed moves. I love that she doesn't care who's watching.

For her birthday cake she chose pistachio cupcakes with butter cream frosting and a cherry on the top. I got some pistachio nuts for Christmas and the kids have been eating them almost daily ever since. They've gotter pretty good at opening the shells and getting the nut out.

Although her birthday was yesterday, she keeps telling me that she is not five years old yet. She said, "Not until my birthday party." To which I replied "What about the cake and candles from yesterday?" Her response was "Oh, that was just a party but not my birthday party. I'm not five until I have my birthday party with all of my friends." Don't you wish that's how things worked?

I love you Emilia. You are the best!