Sunday, November 6, 2011


This year for Halloween Emilia chose to dress up as a purple princess. Her dress came with a sparky jacket that left glitter everywhere. It was a nightmare! We joked that Tinkerbell had come to visit our home and left a trail of pixie dust behind. Luckily Emilia didn't care much for the jacket. She did however love to squirrel (twirl) in her purple princess outfit and sparkly silver shoes.

Carson dressed up as Russell from the Pixar movie Up and Todd as the grumpy old man. Todd had a
sash and neckerchief from when he was in scouts as a young man so it was rather easy to pull together. Most people thought Carson was an Eagle Scout and that Todd was dressed up as Orville Redenbacher. Either way, it was cute enough to win Children's Best of Show at our church's Halloween Carnival.

The weekend before Halloween we continued our annual tradition of carving pumpkins. As you can guess by the pictures, Carson chose Lightning McQueen and Emilia a cat on the moon silhouette.

We turned on some Halloween party music and got to work. The kids weren't very interested in sticking their hands inside the pumpkin to pull out the yucky stringy guts and seeds. I thought Carson would love getting his hands dirty, but on the contrary, he tried it once and was done. He enjoyed tracing and cutting the pumpkin a lot more.

Part of our annual tradition is to use our pumpkins to make treats. This year we made pumpkin chocolate chip bread. It was delicious!

On Halloween we took the kids trick-or-treating along our street and then joined some good friends of ours. Emilia really enjoyed going out with her friends and loading up on candy.

I love Halloween because of all of the traditions our family has developed around it and because it marks the beginning of the holiday season. Fun, fun, fun!