Saturday, October 22, 2011

A2 Ward Primary Program

Last month Emilia participated in her first Primary Sacrament Meeting program at church. The kids all did a terrific job and the leaders were outstanding. They even took pictures of the kids during one of the practices so we would have something to remember it by. 

We are so lucky that her Sunbeam class is made up of five girls her age that come from good families.  She is growing up with a strong group of friends around her that share her same values and she is a great influence on them too. 

Her class was seated on a platform beside the stand so that we could see more than just their heads. I was impressed by how reverent the girls all were during the entire program and by how many of the hymn's lyrics they knew.  

My biggest joy however came a couple of weeks later during General Conference when the choir and congregation sang "Praise to the man". That is one of the hymns that Emilia learned for the program. She was really excited when she heard the intro and was able  to join them in singing the first verse. It's hard to keep kids as young as her interested in General Conference for the entire time. The singing allowed her to relate to those she saw on TV.