Friday, March 25, 2011

Ice cream sculptures and dry ice

On Wednesday, for our Mutual activity the YW made sculptures out of ice cream. We talked about how Michelangelo used to search through quarries looking for the perfect piece of marble. He did not create sculptures but rather he uncovered what was already there hidden to the naked eye by excess marble. His creations were just waiting to be discovered.

Just like Michelangelo's beautiful pieces of art, we also are beautiful in many ways and need to shed those traits that hide who we truly are.

 I froze the ice cream in a cooler with dry ice for about an hour so that it would become rock hard. The girls just had to dip a butter knife in hot water and cut through it.

At the end of the night I still had dry ice left so Todd decided to use it to make cream soda. It tasted really good. He also put some in a tupperware container with water and dish soap. The kids enjoyed seeing the CO2 evaporate and popping the huge soap bubbles that formed.