Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Kipu Falls

Sometimes I look back at what I've done and wonder 'Romy what were you thinking?' Jumping off the 20 ft cliffs at Kipu falls was one of those times. In retrospect I don't think I was really thinking or I would have not done it.

I don't consider myself a thrill seeker but I do hate missing out on opportunities and feeling regret later for not having done something.  The only thing that gave me the courage to jump off the cliff is the fuzzy memory of jumping off tall diving boards into Olympic size pools as a teenager.  I figured that if I could do it then I can still do it now.

Todd was even more adventurous and swung from a rope before jumping into the water. He was probably close to 25 ft up in the air when he let go. He even tried it a second time!

The hike to the waterfall was through a narrow and very overgrown path. We could barely see in front of us because of the vegetation. While we were at the falls it started raining making the leaves sag down even more. We were literally bent in half while walking through the trail.

When I first arrived to Kipu falls I notices some movement on the side of the road next to my door. As I looked closely I noticed a hog scouring through trash a few feet away. He didn't get too close but the entire hike to the falls I felt jumpy every time I heard a noise I didn't recognize.