Friday, April 23, 2010

Who needs Handy Manny when you have Handy Daddy?

I got tired or running the dryer cycle twice on my ancient appliances so we decided to buy a new washer and dryer. I just didn't know all of what it was going to take to get them set up.

We bought a gas dryer instead of electric and the vent connection was in the way of the gas line which meant the dryer was sticking too far out in our teeny-tiny laundry room and making it impossible to shut the door. Plus we couldn't get the gas line open. I don't think it had ever been touched in the 25+ years this house has been around. The first night after we got it setup I slept in fear I was going to die from the gas fumes.

I know, a bit dramatic... Todd did test the line to make sure there was no leak.

We looked into getting pedestals but I didn't care to pay $400+ for the pair, so Todd decided he was going to build two sturdy stands for the room. If I would have asked him to do it it would never have happened, but since I was opposed to the idea (I wanted to keep my folding surface), they were done in less than one day. I should try reverse psychology more often.

Emilia was his little assistant. She brought him nails, and handed him tools. She really enjoyed watching him saw and hammer. She kept calling her daddy 'Handy Manny' from the Disney cartoon with the same name.

Todd was very proud of his work and suggested I blogged about it. After all, is not every day that I have a Handy Daddy around.


The Hofer Family said...

They look great. We had a great time on Saturday.

Gwen said...

1st of all, your machines look awesome! I've had my front loaders for 2 years and I LOVE them! I plan on keeping them until they die. Todd did a great job on the stands. Please tell him I said that so that he knows someone other than his wife thought his work was awesome!

2nd of I would love to have your "teeny-tiny" laundry room! Look at all of the room that you have. My laundry room is just under 3' x 9'! My machines have to face each other!