Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I HATE grocery shopping

I'm venting so feel free to stop reading right now.

All you mothers out there will feel my pain.

Even though they are well behaved, I hate going grocery shopping with my kids. It's simply exhausing. I have been procrastinating going to the store for at least two weeks, but I'm running out of the essentials so I mustered all of the energy I have left, packed both kids in the car I went to Walmart.

After getting out of the car, carrying a heavy car seat to the door of the store, lifting it over my head to get it into the cart and getting Emilia on the other side of the cart I reached into my purse and realized I had left my list at home.

I took a big breath and decided it was better if I went back home and got the list. There were simply too many things to remember them all and I wasn't going to do this again any time soon.

I got my list, got back to the store and began shopping with a kid asleep in his car seat and holding on to the other one who was also asleep while pushing the shopping cart (talk about multi tasking). I was determined to get my shopping done.

While in the freezer section my car seat tipped over and I was able to hold on to it by reaching with my hand around the freezer door. I loved how people looked at me with sympathy but nobody offered to help... I managed anyway.

I filled up the cart to the top and had to let Emilia roam free while I picked up Carson who wanted to be held and kept pushing the I cart.

By the time I left I was exhausted. I'm still tired and my day is not over yet.