Saturday, January 30, 2010

Random sampler

This is anothe of Emilia's funny words. The conversation went something like this:
Emilia: 'Dinosaurs are stinky!'
Me: 'What Emilia?'
Emilia:' Yes mama, dinosaurs have stinky bum bums'
(A while later, when I sat down with her to watch Jay Jay Mistery about dinosuars I got it. )
Me: Emilia, dinosaurs aren't stinky, they're extinct.
Emilia: No mama, they are really stinky.
Yesterday I went to the mall with the kids to buy Emilia some shoes and let her play around in the children playground area for a while.

I can't believe how many kids were hanging around the mall, skipping school. Anyways, that's beside the point.
I parked my car on the third floor of the parking garage and was feeling great about the parking spot I found right next to the elevator.
When I was done with everything I headed back out in the awful rainy weather to get to the car only to find out that the elevator was not working. The only other way to get to my car was through the stairs.
I had a stroller loaded with bags, Carson and Emilia. I was thinking really hard 'How am I going to do this?'
On the steps, in the way of where I needed to go were two ganstas all dressed in their tank tops baggy pants, hooded shirts, necklesses and big sneakers.
I was really desperate and on impulse I approached them and asked one of them if he would help me carry the stroller up two flights of stairs to my car. He looked really surprised (more than me) at the request but obliged.

Emilia's eyes were really big as she walked up the steps behind me and passed the second one who never even looked up to see us.
I was extremely grateful for his service. I hope he felt good about doing a kind deed. In retrospect I think maybe I'm learning not to judge people based on their appearance.