Saturday, May 9, 2009

Three years in Texas

Three years ago Todd and I made the long trek from Salt Lake City, UT to Arlington, TX. It was a long drive with a dog, two birds and a car full of plants that I didn't want to get rid of.

This week we're back in Salt Lake visiting Todd's family. The trip has given me an opportunity to reflect on what it is about Utah and Texas that I love. So here's my list (in random order):

Best things about Utah:
1. Todd's Family
2. Mountains
3. Cooler summers
4. Predominant number of people that share my religious believes
5. Proximity to everything (no long commutes)
6. Grass that feels like a rug under your feet
7. Southern Utah and Zion's National park
8. Thai Spice - best thai food I've ever tasted :)
9. Friends
10. Snow on Christmas (and Christmas ONLY!)

Best Things about Texas:
1. My Family
2. Friends
3. Mild winters
4. My home and neighborhood
5. Todd working from home
6. No state income tax - this one is up for debate... Utah sales tax and real estate tax are lower
7. Lower cost of living and higher wages
8. Fewer number of people that share my religious believes (we're a close knit group)
9. Southern friendliness and hospitality
10. Boston Market - I love that place!