Saturday, June 8, 2019

Gelato Tasting Class

Today we went to CrEATe Donuts for a gelato tasting class. We purchased a couple's class for Sally's birthday and then invited ourselves to join her and Kevin. I cannot say enough good things about the experience.

Upon arriving we were taken to an area at the back of the restaurant set up with bench seats and a table in the center.

For the next hour the host told us all about the history of sherbet, gelato and ice-cream. He taught us about the source of the high quality ingredients they use and allowed us to taste over two dozen flavors.

We got to make our own stracciatella (by mixing chocolate into strawberry ice cream) and sample their hot chocolate rimmed with vanilla cream. (Decadent!)

We even got to do some taste testing and guess the flavors in some of their ice creams. The peanut butter had vanilla and dulce-de-leche mixed into it. Yum!

The strawberry had a slight cherry aftertaste. Only noticeable after someone mentioned it.

At the very end the owner informed us that she is in very poor health and that she was looking for someone to buy the business because she needed to travel to the east coast for medical treatment. It was sad to know that such a hidden gem may be closing soon. I hope they find a buyer for their business.