Friday, June 21, 2019

Arthur Passed Away

Our beloved dog of 14 years, Arthur passed away today due to acute pancreatitis. He will be dearly missed by all in our family.

To be honest, I didn't think I was going to miss him as much as I have. Our shadow, our doorbell, our guard dog, Arthur has been with us for almost as long as Todd and I have been married.

Our kids haven't known a day without him. And although I know I complained many times about his 'pee' accidents on the floor over the past few years and his incessant barking, he was also a fierce companion always crawling on our laps for family prayers or whenever we sat down on the family room rug.

He was especially close to Todd, who developed a close bond with Arthur during the six years he worked from home in Texas. Arthur would spend countless hours in his office keeping him company through the day.

It is strange not to feel his presence in our home. The house is surely more quite now that he is gone. I have never witness someone's passing, so it has been especially difficult for me as I was the one that was with him during those last few moments, watching his labored breathing just suddenly cease.

Arthur's passing could not have happen at a more perfect time. Our family has been studying the Atonement of Jesus Christ this past week. In our conversations with the kids, we were able to remind them to turn to God. Jesus's atoned not only for our sins but also felt all of the pain we experience, including our grief at the loss of Arthur.

Fortunately for us, Arthur died at home. That gave all of us the opportunity to say our goodbyes on our own terms. Some of us had to say our goodbyes multiple times before Todd took him to the veterinarian's office to be cremated. His ashes will be dispersed at the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab. We loved the place when we visited last year and couldn't imagine a more dignified way to handle his remains.

I have also been so touched by those who have reached out to us with tender words and thoughtful gifts. Our home teacher, who had tended Arthur a few months back, had a feeling Arthur was getting close to the end so he purchased a dog stuffed animal and had it ready for us for when it happened. My kids have loved hugging the toy dog when they feel sad.

Another friend gave us a memory frame where to place a picture of Arthur so that we may not forget him.

Two other people stopped by with their favorite treats to cheer us up on Friday.

Arthur, you were loved and will be greatly missed!