Saturday, April 27, 2019

Emilia's birthday party

Emilia chose a book themed party to celebrate her 12th birthday. I designed her invitation to look like an old library book card. Something that none of the kids her age ever had to use. I had to explain to Emilia what it was and how it was used. Man, I feel old!

The theme for the party was, of course, books. The kids were appalled to learn that I had cut the pages of a book to use as the backdrop for the cake table and other decorations. They were also curious about the book and tried to piece together a story by ready from the random pages on display.

I had some simple activities planned. The first was for the girls to decorate their book bags. I set up some templates with ideas of what the bags could look like and fabric markers. The girls got really into it and had a good time decorating both sides of their bags.

Afterward, we played a game where each of the girls had a piece of paper folded like an accordion. They each had to write a sentence based on the sentence above theirs and try to build a story. They were not allowed to see everything on the paper, only the previous sentence. The stories were hilarious.

I've realized that the older kids get, the less structured and involved I have to be. So after the second activity we did presents, eat cake and let the girls just play out in the backyard for 20 mins or until their parents came to get them.

I keep telling Emilia that she is getting too old for birthday parties, especially parties with nearly 20 friends. But its also fun to give her one special day where she can invite everyone over and be celebrated by so many who love her.