Saturday, December 1, 2018

Carson's Birthday Party

Carson's 9th birthday was at the Salt Lake County Ice Center in Murray.  I am starting to really like these destination birthday parties. The set up and clean up is minimal. We reserved an area next to the ice rink for our group and set it up with a hot chocolate bar, cake and party gifts.

As the kids arrived, they picked up their skates and ventured out into the ice. It was a first time for some, and only a few of them had done it more than twice.

One of the kids felt confident he could skate, and he really couldn't. He was either full speed or crashing into people. One of the times he fell hard and hit his head on the ice causing a goose egg to form on his forehead.

A couple of men skating helped him get back to our area and checked to make sure he was all right. They happened to be paramedics. The boy was not deterred and wanted to get back on the ice so I finally went to the assistance desk and got him a helmet. Now he was protected, but the rest of the skaters out on the rink were not. 
He still took out a lady who was standing by the wall by falling into her from behind. She didn't know what happened until after it was over. I felt really bad! 

Aside from that incident, everyone else was cautious and considerate. They spent time on the ice and savoring the hot chocolate bar.

Stella and Andrew weren't too interested in skating, so they just spent time with Sally, who stayed to help with the party.

After blowing out his candle and opening gifts, I too was able to get out on the ice and skate with Carson and the other kids.