Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Happy Halloween

The kids were super excited to go trick-or-treating this evening. Emilia dressed as a tree nymph, Carson was Steve from the video game Minecraft, Stella was a unicorn.

We weren't sure what Andrew was going to be. He has quite the selection of costumes he wears daily. His first choice was to dress as a princess. We vetoed that option. He knows he can be a princess at home but cannot wear dresses outside the house. There was quite a power struggle between Andrew and Todd last Friday when he had to wear a costume to preschool. Eventually they both settled on a compromise: a simple super hero cape and mask. On Halloween both Todd and Andrew decided to be Batman.

As usual, the kids spent about an hour and a half knocking on neighbors' doors and gathering a ton of candy. Stella kept dragging the grocery bag she used to carry her candy and ripping holes on the bottom. We had to ask two neighbors for new bags to replace the ones with holes.

After we were done trick-or-treating we went to visit Todd's parents. The kids enjoy handing out candy at their house and getting whatever treats grandma is giving away.