Friday, October 19, 2018

Goblin Valley - Day 2

We woke up to a wet camp due to condensation. After a warm breakfast we decided to hike Little Wild Horse Canyon, a slot canyon 5 miles away.

It is a popular hike for families and dog owners. We came across at least two dozen dogs during our hike. The parking lot was full, and the trail was too.

It didn't seem that busy at first because people were spaced through the hike, but then the trail became a slot canyon and everyone had to be funneled through the narrow entrance making for extra wait times.

The canyon was a kids playground with plenty of places for them to climb and hide. Unfortunately all of the rain from earlier in the week had pooled in some areas making them impassable. Some young lads moved large rocks to create a stepping stone path through the water.

The water got deeper and deeper the further we hiked in. We reached point where the water was too deep for rock paths and the kids would have had to wade chest high in water, so we turned around.

The hike back was a lot quicker. The kids were hungry for lunch. They ate through all of the snacks and wanted more so they were motivated to head back to the car.

Instead of having a simple lunch and a big dinner, we ate our large meal midafternoon and cleaned up the large dishes during the relatively warmth and light of the afternoon.

After ‘linner’ we went exploring our campsite. We hiked up the ridge on one side of camp. The ground was red at first, but transitioned to white the further up we reached. The white, rocky and barren terrain felt as if we were standing on the moon.

After descending we decided to hike to the visitor center through the open desert. We were on a race against sunset. We barely made it back before it began to get dark.

Once at camp, we sat around the campfire to roast marshmallows and make pie cups.

I am sure we were the loudest camp that night, telling scary stories and singing silly Go-Noodle songs that engaged everyone.

At around 8pm we drove to Goblin Valley with the kids. They each wore glow sticks and chased each other in the moonlight.

I am so pleased by how well they all get along. Even Carson, a boy among girls manages to have a great time.

The kids left Goblin Valley, tired and ready for a good night sleep.