Friday, June 22, 2018

Orem Playdate with Nicole

Once in a while, my good friend Nicole and I get together for a fun-filled afternoon.  Today, we met up at a trampoline park in Orem where the kids played for a couple of hours. Afterward, we drove to dinner and spotted the Pioneer Park splash pad on our way.

We decided to let the kids play there for a while. We hadn't planned on getting the kids wet, but it was so warm, that it felt nice. Andrew, who was a bit shy about the water at first, was the one that got the wettest since the water reached all the way up to his head.

The Grassroots Shakespeare company played an abbreviated version of A Midsummer Night's Dream. Andrew was mesmerized and the kids pleasantly entertained by the performance. Although it was hard for them to understand the dialog at times, they still got the gist of what was happening by observing the actors.

It was such a fun afternoon. I love getting together with long-time friends like Nicole and her family.