Thursday, May 3, 2018

Peach Springs AZ

Today we left Salt Lake at 11:30 after dropping off Stella at kindergarten and  Andrew with the Funks.

We met up with the Davis’ in Mapleton where we dropped off our car in order to have enough seats on the way back when we pick up the kids from the Eason's.

The drive was uneventful. We stopped in Nephi to get some lunch. While there I decided to use the ladies restroom. I absentmindedly walked into the restroom and noticed a man washing his hands at the sink.

I doubled back to the entrance of the restroom embarrassed for my mistake an noticed that it was indeed the ladies room. So I proceeded to go back into the bathroom.

The older man noticed my returned and asked me: ‘this is the men's room, right?’ To which I replied ‘Not according to the sign on the door.’

The poor guy was so embarrassed!  He left the sink muttering ‘Oh no! Eejole’ (Mexican exclamation).He must have left immediately after because I didn't see him again after I came out.

We reached Las Vegas during late afternoon rush hour. Traffic was horrendous. We ate dinner at a Jinya, a Japanese ramen place I had introduced to Sally a few months back. The food was excellent.

We left Las Vegas and drove the remainder 3 hours to Peach Springs, AZ where we stayed the night.

The Grand Canyon Caverns Inn is a darling old place with decor picked to mimic Radiator Springs from the Disney Pixar animated movie Cars. I was so excited thinking about what my kids would think if they were here.

Inside there is a room dedicated to old items. They are primarily electronics such as cameras,  telephones, typewriters, vacuums, record players. They even have old toys and trading cards. It is fascinating to walk around and realize how much things have changed in the past 50 or so years.