Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Kwahara Pumpkin Patch

With Todd in Shanghai for the next week, I've relied on friends to keep with some of our fall and Halloween traditions.

This year we visited Kwahara Pumpkin patch to pick our pumpkins. They offered access to their bounce houses, corn maze and other entertainment for every pumpkin purchased.

We had Claire Eason visiting on Thursday night and Friday since the kids were out of school for parent-teacher conference. Her visit distracted the kids from the fact that Todd was leaving for China.

We first roamed the pumpkin patch to select our pumpkins. A lot of what was left were huge pumpkins that I wouldn't have even been able to lift. They are not as pretty as what you get at the grocery store but we found four that met our approval.

Afterward, the kids spent some time jumping on the inflatables before venturing into the corn maze. Stella even got to meet Cinderella! She is going to dress up as Belle for Halloween, so it Cinderella was giving her pointers on how to stand and hold her hands for a most actual pose.

The corn maze was fun, although there were some creepy parts like Mary Poppins who's head spun around to be replaced by the zombie version of the much loved nanny! The kids didn't even know she did that. They were standing next to a harmless and darling lady holding her umbrella while I snapped a picture when all of a sudden her head spun. Some of them didn't even realize it until after I had snapped the photo!