Saturday, July 29, 2017

2nd Annual Pie-oneer Day Celebration

This year I was once again in charge of our ward's Pioneer Day celebration. I felt that the activity we organized last year had the right components so we only had to tweak it and got to improve upon it.

It was once again held at the Davis' property. They have been working hard for several weeks to get their yard in shape to host the ward. It looked great!

To advertise the upcoming event, we took to social media but I also worked pretty hard on creating four street signs to place on corners where cars enter and exit the neighborhood. The signs went up on Thursday evening. On Friday morning I received a text from a neighbor friend saying that shehad just seen a city employee pull out one of my signs.

I had to call the city and ask the code compliance department if they still had my signs. The lady who helped me said she hadn't seen them but would look into it. By 4:45 pm that afternoon I was getting worried I would never see my signs so I called again. They told me that they had "just" found them and that I could come by to get them, so I raced over to City Hall and picked them up.

I hadn't realized that signs are not allowed on the park strip. Lesson learned!

We began the celebration on Saturday with a bike parade around the block. Bro. Winder led the parade this year with his golf cart. The faster kids got to do three loops around the block by the time the end of the parade returned to the starting point.

Emilia rode her electric scooter, Carson and Stella rode their regular scooters.

Todd and Kevin Davis manned the grill this year as well. We served hamburgers, vegetable cups, corn on the cob, chips and of course lots and lot of Pie!

The donut eating contest was popular with the kids and the younger men. The kids enjoyed face painting and giant bubbles.

We had a great turnout this year as well. I enjoy getting to meet some of the neighbors who will not normally attend a church activity.