Saturday, July 1, 2017

American Fork Fireworks

On Saturday we drove to American Fork High School for the annual ReMax 4th of July celebration. It is a private event, in that is funded by a private company, but open to the public.

According to its advertisement, last year it drew close to 4,000 attendees. I'm sure the number was comparable to this year.  We were supposed to meet friends there, but they were unable to attend at the last minute. The kids love going, so we chose to take them regardless.

One side of the grassy area was lined up with inflatables.They had several different slides, multiple bounce houses, and a very popular obstacle course.

In addition to the kids' play area, they also had a stage with a live performer and DJ, a photo booth and free food galore. Although we had dinner before arriving, all their playing made the kids hungry. Andrew loved the patriotic sugar cookies with blue frosting. It made his whole mouth turn blue.

The fireworks show began at 10pm. But before they started, we could see several other aerials nearby. One of them caught fire near the park we were in. We could see the flames reach past the building roofs.

It took several minutes for the fire department to arrive and even longer for them to put out the fire. I am not sure the extent of the damage.  All I know is that 30 minutes later when we got into our cars to leave the event we were forced to turn around because the road was close.

Having to retract back to the parking lot and find an alternate route slowed traffic even further. The congestion was a nightmare and there was no police or employee directing where cars should go.

The kids were oblivious to what was happening outside and happy for the extra movie time they got in the car on our way home.